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The Composition And Function Of The Welding Torch

The welding torch is made up of a contact tip, a nozzle, a nozzle joint and a gas diffuser and a wire feed hose.
The Welding Torch Exporters shares your knowledge about the welding torch.
Contact tip
The contact tip is a component that directly transmits current to the wire. The inner hole of the contact tip is in contact with the wire to conduct electricity, and a shielding gas flows between the outer surface of the contact tip and the inner wall of the nozzle.
The specification of the conductive nozzle must be consistent with the diameter of the welding wire, that is, the inner diameter of the conductive nozzle should not be too large or too small, too large conduction is not good, too small wire feeding resistance increases, will cause instability in the welding process, seriously affect the welding quality.
It must be tightened with a tool when installing the contact tip! Check if it is loose before working! Otherwise, the conduction is not good, which will make the arc unstable and affect the welding quality. At the same time, the looseness will also cause the burning of the contact nozzle joint and the nozzle joint insulator due to overheating.

Nozzle, nozzle joint and gas diffuser
The contact tip and the nozzle should maintain a good insulation state. The gas diffuser can make the distribution of the protective gas more uniform and the protection effect is better, and the insulation distance between the contact tip and the nozzle can be increased. When using welding, anti-blocking agent should be used and the spatter in the nozzle should be cleaned in time. The anti-blocking agent should be used not to flow to the gas diffuser to avoid blocking the air hole of the gas diffuser, which will affect the protective effect and cause air holes in the weld.
Wire feed hose
The wire feeding hose is wound by 65Mn steel wire, which is responsible for conveying the welding wire from the wire feeder to the welding torch. As a channel for the wire running, it has a great influence on achieving stable and uniform wire feeding and ensuring the stability of the welding arc.
Do not insert the hose too fast or too fast, causing the hose to bend. After the hose is inserted, turn the terminal box clockwise and continue to push the wire feed tube until the O-ring seal is fully advanced. Turn the junction box counterclockwise when disassembling.
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