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Common Plasma Cutting Misoperations

As we all know, experienced operators who operate well-maintained plasma cutting equipment can save countless workshop downtime and tens of thousands of dollars in operating expenses, thereby bringing higher profits to your cutting business and company. At the same time, the Plasma ARC Welding Torch Manufacturer shares with you the following common mistakes to avoid:

1. Use consumables until they are "scrapped"
Looking at the barrels where you used the old parts, you will probably find that these parts are all used until they are scrapped. The use of severely worn consumables will not only damage otherwise good parts, but also cause costly torch failures and unnecessary downtime. Using parts to scrap is a misunderstanding that can be easily avoided. There are many signs of wear on the consumables; experienced operators can usually tell the component's wear from the sound or color of the arc or small changes in the torch height. However, the best way to judge the condition of the torch part is to regularly check the cutting edge quality of the workpiece, and check the torch part when the cutting quality starts to decline.
2. Replace consumables
Looking at your buckets of used parts, you may also find that these parts are still usable. Changing consumables too often is a common and costly practice. Operators need to know what to check when replacing parts. If there are chisel holes inside or outside the nozzle, or if the perforation is worn and becomes out of round, the nozzle should be replaced. Otherwise, it may be reused.
3. The parameters and components used in the operation are incorrect
The choice of wearing parts depends on the material and thickness to be cut, the current and plasma gas used, and other cutting parameters. The operating manual will specify the consumables for each type of cutting. Using incorrect wearing parts will shorten the service life of the parts and reduce the cutting quality.
It is especially important to run components at the correct current. When the current is set to 95% of the nozzle's rated current, the best cut quality and longest component life are usually achieved. If the current is too low, the cutting surface will be rough; if the current is too high, the nozzle life will be short.
4. Ignore regular maintenance
With proper maintenance, the torch can last for months or even years. The torch thread must be kept clean and the installation area should be checked for contamination or mechanical damage. All dust and metal dust in the torch or excessive lubricant on the o-ring should be removed. Use a cotton swab and electrical contact cleaner or hydrogen peroxide to clean the torch.
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