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Common Plasma Cutting Misoperations 2

Experienced operation, operation and maintenance of plasma cutting equipment can save countless workshop downtime and tens of thousands of dollars of operating expenses, so as to bring higher profits to your cutting business and the company. Welding Kit Manufacturers continue to share with you the following common errors that should be avoided in plasma cutting:
1. Incorrect assembly of cutting torch
Assemble the cutting torch so that the parts are properly aligned and tightly jammed together. This ensures good electrical contact and correct airflow and coolant flow through the cutting torch. When replacing parts, the vulnerable parts should be placed on the clean workshop rags to avoid dust or metal dust pollution cutting torch. The importance of keeping the torch clean during assembly is often overlooked. When oiling the o-ring, just make the o-ring shiny. Too much lubricating oil will lead to the blockage of eddy current ring, metal dust pollution cutting torch. This can lead to uncontrolled arcs in the plasma chamber, which can eventually lead to cutting torch failure. Do not grease the cutting torch, otherwise it may cause destructive arc and combustion inside the cutting torch.

2. Air flow and coolant flow are not checked
Check the flow and pressure of gas and coolant every day. If the flow is insufficient, the vulnerable parts will not be cooled normally and the service life of the parts will be shortened. One of the common reasons for the failure of components and cutting torch is that the pump wear will lead to filter blockage and low coolant level, which will lead to insufficient cooling water flow. To maintain the cutting arc, it is important to maintain a constant air pressure. High air pressure is one of the common causes of "arc starting difficulty", which refers to the condition that the cutting torch can not start arc when all other conditions required for normal operation are met. Too high air pressure will also lead to accelerated aging of electrodes. Similarly, plasma gas must be kept clean to avoid shortening the service life of vulnerable parts and cutting torch. The compressed air system is particularly vulnerable to pollution by oil, water and particles.
3. The perforation position is too low
Clearance (the distance between the workpiece and the tip of the cutting torch) is a key factor to ensure the cutting quality and the service life of components. Even a slight change in the height of the cutting torch can affect the Angle of the cutting surface. The height of the cutting torch is particularly important during perforation. A common mistake is to punch too low. This can cause metal slag to splash down on the front of the nozzle and protective cap, leading to component damage and subsequent cutting quality problems. If the cutting torch pierces when it touches the metal or drags along the cutting surface while cutting, an arc may even "extinguish". Arc "extinction" can lead to the destruction of electrodes, nozzles, vortex rings, and sometimes even the cutting torch. Perforating at 1.5 to 2 times the recommended cutting height protects the cutting torch and parts from damage.
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