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Hazards In Electric Welding Operation

Electric welding is an open flame operation, with the dangers of high temperature, high pressure, and flammability and explosion. The molten metal sparks at the welding site will spatter everywhere. Slightly careless operation is extremely likely to ignite nearby flammable materials, causing mass deaths and injuries, and potential dangers during electric welding operations. Plasma ARC Welding Torch Manufacturer shares with you.

Fire hazard
1. Fire accident caused by heat conduction of welding. Because electric welding is performed by melting the metal by an arc, and the temperature is as high as 6000 degrees or more during the welding process, it is easy to ignite the combustibles in contact with the other end of the weldment.
Welding slag
2. Drop at high altitude and splash of welding slag. During the welding operation, hot Mars spattered everywhere. These Mars have high temperatures, and when they splash or come into contact with combustible materials such as wood, cotton, linen, yarn heads, and straw, they can ignite and spread, causing a fire.
3. Encountered flammable and explosive gas. When welding in paint spraying, paint workshops or flammable and explosive places, the volatile flammable and explosive gas is likely to cause deflagration and fire when it encounters welding sparks.
4. The power cord connected to the electric welding machine is often dragged and worn during operation, which is likely to cause aging and damage to the insulation of the line, and a short circuit may cause the surrounding combustibles to catch fire.
5.The general welding and cutting operation point and the fire position are not on a three-dimensional level, and it is not easy to be found in the early stage of a fire.
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