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How to Choose a Plasma Cutting Machine?

Do you know how to buy a plasma cutting machine? Sometimes you think it is suitable, but it may not be suitable to use. Chongqing Jinduoli reminds everyone to choose according to the thickness of the metal to be cut and the rated load duration of the cutting when choosing a plasma cutting machine .
1. Determine the thickness of the metal you most commonly cut
The first factor that needs to be determined is the thickness of the metal that is usually cut. Most plasma cutting machine power supplies are rated by cutting capacity and current. Therefore, if you usually cut thin metals, you should consider a low-current plasma cutting machine. Also, although small machines cut metal of a certain thickness, the cutting quality may not be guaranteed. On the contrary, you may get almost no cut through results, and useless metal residues will remain. Each machine has a quality cutting range and maximum cutting capacity-make sure your cutting thickness is within the cutting range. In general, the rated output current of a plasma cutting machine is generally 40-400 amperes.

Plasma Cutting Machine

2. Choose the cutting rated load duration that you think is the best
Are you cutting in a production environment or when cutting speed is not very important? When buying a plasma cutting machine, the manufacturer should provide the cutting machine's welding speed data (IPM, Inches/minute).
If you are going to cut for a long time or automatically set the cutting, make sure to check the rated load duration of the machine. The working rated load duration is simply the continuous working time before the cutting torch is overheated and needs to be cooled. The work rated load duration is usually determined by a percentage based on a standard of 10 minutes. For example, a 50-ampere current and 60% duty-rated duty cycle means that you can cut for 6 minutes at a 50-ampere current output (10 minutes is 100%). The higher the work rated load duration, the longer you can continue cutting.
The above information is provided by cutting torch accessories exporters.

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