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Why Is A Electrode Oven Useful?

Welding electrode ovens help to extend the life of electrodes, especially when welding critical work. You can do this by storing the electrodes in the oven after opening the package. Or by baking the exposed electrodes to remove excess moisture back to factory standard.


The flux material of either stick welding electrodes (or rods), flux-cored wires, or submerged arc welding (SAW) fluxes, must have a specific percentage of hydrogen.


When you first open a sealed flux package, it begins to absorb moisture from the air.


If you use a flux contaminated with moisture, the extreme heat of the arc breaks down the moisture (H 2 O) into hydrogen and oxygen. These elements end up inside the weld seam.

Typical mild steel is not sensitive to hydrogen cracking unless it is thicker than 0.75" (19 mm).


Other difficulties or defects of excessive moisture in the flux are


More difficulty in starting and restarting the arc.

Unstable arc.



Uneven consumption of the bar.

Reduced ductility (or elasticity) of the weld metal.


Contaminated bars cannot be repaired without a bar oven, so they can provide the required quality. This means that you should ignore them or use them for non-critical work.

Electrode Oven

 Electrode Oven

Types of welding ovens

Industrial welding ovens can be used as pre-heating furnaces or post-heating. They are used by welders and manufacturers to heat treat weldments or metal parts. Common heating items include marine bearings, cylinder heads, castings, welded joints, plates, aluminum, carbon steel joints, and pumps. You'll find electrode and flux furnaces for a variety of industries including aerospace, shipbuilding, oil, and construction.


Rebake vs. Holding

To properly maintain your welding rods, you need to understand the difference between re-baking and holding. Holding may be short or long-term. Holding will maintain the dry level of the plant. Temperature recommendations will vary depending on the type of electrode and flux coating. Your manufacturer will provide advice. Re-baking is short-term high-temperature heating. Electrodes that have been or may have been damaged by moisture can be repaired. Once the moisture has been removed, the electrodes can be used. Many companies have re-bake ovens. When the electrodes are returned from the site, they are re-baked and then moved to a holding oven for storage.


Welding Flux Storage and Rebake Oven

As the coating on the welding electrodes absorbs hydrogen-containing moisture from the air, damaged electrodes can enter the weld seam and cause cracking. In order to restore such electrodes, they need to be re-baked. A re-bake oven for welding electrodes is essential in the workshop.


For storing flux, hopper ovens can be used. Fast heating times and a robust design are essential. The maximum temperature of the oven may be between 500 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Portable Electrode Oven

 Portable Electrode Oven

Portable Welding Electrode Ovens

Portable welding ovens may be as little as five pounds. You will also find portable, rugged, durable models weighing up to 50 pounds. Portable electrode ovens are essential to keep your electrodes dry in the field. Look for one with a thermostat. Portable ovens can be used to transfer freshly baked items (or items from a holding oven) from the shop to the site.


Filler Rod holding ovens

MIG welding wire and TIG filler rod holding ovens are available. You'll find compact tabletop models and large ovens for holding multiple large spools (for larger shops, Keen Ovens has mixed-use storage ovens, like the one originally designed for Boeing). Protect your expensive consumables by securing the oven with filler bars.


Floor and tabletop welded electrode ovens are also available. You'll find robust ovens with a 500 lb capacity and smaller ovens for small spaces and efficient heating. If you are considering a floor model for your large shop, look for floor models with forklift slots for easy mobility.


Custom pre-heated ovens

There are even companies that will manufacture custom welding ovens to meet your part specifications. Ovens can be designed with custom shelves and custom heating capabilities. They can be top-loading or front loading, sitting on a bench, or on the floor. Doing some research will ensure you get the right size and configuration for your welding shop.


At Hebei Machinery, we make it an objective to educate consumers about the benefits of using this crucial welding storage tool. There are many products to choose from to suit every requirement. From large fabrication shops to hobby welder, our high-quality rod ovens can perform to meet the demands of the most discriminating welders. Contact us today to secure an expert consultation!