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Cutting & welding kit HB-1510
Product Description

 Australia (Big) Cutting & Welding Kit


The Oxygen/LPG Brazing and Cutting Kit fully meet the requirements of AS 4839.

Its component parts also meet this standard and/or the individual standards specific to their specifications.

Importantly, the kit includes both regulator and torch end flashback arrestors, an integral part of AS 4839.

Capable of welding from 1/32"mm up to 3" and Cutting from 3mm up to 200mm with appropriate welding & cutting nozzles.


*Medium Duty series Regulators

*Medium Duty GW247 Cutting Torch

*CP Heating Nozzle, AU Welding Tip

*Cutting Tip: 41

*Flashback Arrester: 2 sets

*Circler Cutting Attachment

*Tip Cleaner, Goggle, Spanner, Lighter.

*Twin-Welding Hoses: 10 Meters

*Tip Cleaner, Goggle, Spanner, Lighter.