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Cutting & welding kit HB-1517A
Product Description

 Portable Welding Kit

*Contains all the quality equipment needed for cutting, welding and brazing in a rugged surrounding, plastic carrying case.

*The outfit is designed to carry one 2L acetylene cylinder and one 4L oxygen cylinder

*As supplied, the outfit is capable of cutting to 1" and welding 1/16". Can cut to 6" and weld to 3/8"(9mm) with larger tips


Capable of Welding to 3/8"

A light to medium duty portable outfit that is extremely popular for general maintenance work, metal sculpture, automotive repair, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc. The carrier is made of tough, lightweight polypropylene and is designed to carry one "MC" acetylene cylinder, one "R"( 20 cu.ft) oxygen cylinder, and apparatus.

This set contains all the equipment you need for welding and brazing in a rugged, plastic carrying case

Unique carry tote offers in-line balanced design for carrying ease

Waterproof storage compartment for small items

Rear entry regulators for better balance on the small cylinders


*3L Oxygen Cylinder

*2L Acetylene Cylinder

*Light Duty Oxygen Regulator

*Light Duty Acetylene Regulator

*Torch Handle

*Welding Tip 1#,2#

*4.5M Twin Hose

*Spark Lighter

*Tip Cleaner

*Welding Goggle