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Auto-darkening welding helmet
Product Description

【Filter model: HBH101】
Light state: DIN3
Dark state: DIN11
Switching time: <1/2,000S at Room Temperature
Cartridge Size: 108 x 50.8 x 5 mm     (4-1/4” x 2” x 1/5”)
Viewing area: 98 x 35 mm     (3-6/7” x 1-1/3”)
Delay time: 0.5S
Sensors: 2
Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery & Solar Combination
Water & Dust proof: Yes
UV & IR protection: Up to shade 16
Warranty (years): 1
Weight: 430G (0.95 Pound)
Material of helmet: PP
Available color: blue/black/silver/red
【Optional Filters: All】