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Things You Should Know About the Wire Drawing Machine

Metal wire drawing machine is an important equipment for wire rod production. Metal wire drawing machine belongs to the pre-processing equipment for metal products such as standard parts. Its metal wire drawing machine is mainly used in mechanical manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical and other industries. Next, the wire drawing machine supplier will share with you.

The process of wire drawing has in effect changed very little over the years. It uses a combination of a die and/or a series of dies to draw wire to a selected gauge. Drawn wire is in many applications beyond what we normally would think like electrical wire and TV cables.

For example, springs of any kind are made of drawn wire; as well as re-bar used for construction world-wide. Paper clips and staples are made from thin drawn wire. Spokes on wheels, wire brushes, metal handles are made from drawn wire as well. There are literally thousands of finished products that rely on drawn wire. To satisfy this ever growing need, many millions of miles of wire are drawn by metal working companies annually.

Wire Drawing Machine

Wire Drawing Machine

For this reason wire drawing, although unchanged in process for many years, is an extremely cost sensitive and competitive market. In turn, the companies that make wire drawing equipment and the process equipment around wire drawing are very in tune to any productivity or efficiency advantage they can get. One of those primary advantages is to use an ac inverter. Inverters are much more efficient, use less parts, and allow for more productivity than traditional designs.

The purpose of using the wire drawing machine is to make the wire or bar produced and transported by the steel manufacturer to the standard parts and other metal products manufacturer better through the drawing process of the wire drawing machine, so that the diameter, roundness, internal metallographic structure, surface finish and straightness of the wire or bar can reach the standard parts and other metal products. Raw material handling requirements for production.

Therefore, the pretreatment quality of wire or bar by wire drawing machine is directly related to the product quality of standard parts and other metal products manufacturing enterprises; wire drawing machine belongs to wire drawing machine of metal products equipment industry, wire drawing machine is widely used in the production and pre-processing of wire, rope wire, prestressed steel wire, standard parts and other metal products.

In metallurgical industry, wire drawing machine is an important equipment for wire rod production. Cold drawing machine manufacturers believe that the main function is to draw wires of various specifications. From the working form and mechanical structure is divided into straight type, looper type, water tank type (also known as dual frequency drawing machine) and so on.

For different precision and specifications of products, different metal types, can choose different specifications of wire drawing machinery. For Copper-aluminum wire and cable production enterprises, double frequency control fine drawing machine is widely used, but for most steel wire production enterprises, according to the characteristics of steel, the use of straight wire drawing machine more. The double frequency drawing machine is the most widely used and most representative. 

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