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Gas Cutting And Welding Accessories And Their Uses

Gas welding equipment, also known as oxy-fuel or oxy-acetylene equipment, uses oxygen and gas to cut or join the work. It does not require electricity to weld the metal. It uses a high temperature flame produced by a mixture of oxygen and gas to cut the material. There are various gas cutting and welding accessories that are combined with the welder to facilitate the process and provide effective results. These accessories include gas mixers, gas reels, gas welders, gas regulators, etc. Let's examine these gas cutting and welding accessories in detail.


Gas cutting and welding accessories and their uses

Tempering flame arrestor- It is a gas safety device used for oxy-fuel welding and cutting to stop the flame. It also reverses the flow of gas back into the supply line to prevent danger caused by accidents. Flashback is an explosion through torches, hoses, regulators, and cylinders.

Welding & Cutting Outfit

 Welding & Cutting Outfit

Hose Safety Clip - Its primary function is to safely separate the oxygen hose from the gas hose. It stops welding spatter from entering between the gas hoses.

Cutting and welding hoses - are used to deliver welding gas to the piping of welding equipment. There are various types of hoses, for example -


Class R - designed to carry acetylene or oxygen.

Class T - Used to carry fuels such as propane, natural gas, propylene, etc.

Inert Gas- It is used to carry shielding gas or water to the welding torch.

Welding & Cutting Outfit

Welding & Cutting Outfit

Dual-line - It has one hose for oxygen and another hose for welding fuel gas.

Single line - It is equipped with only one hose for crowded areas.

Cutting nozzle - It is a gas cutting torch that can be used for various fuels such as acetylene and LPG. The nozzle used for acetylene is called ANM type and the nozzle used for LPG is called PNM nozzle. Some of its main functions include cutting oxygen exit, flame-cutting, airflow blocking, etc.

Regulator - A welding regulator is used to control the gas pressure used in oxy-fuel welding. For example, the pressure of the acetylene gas under the cylinder is greater than the pressure of the gas in the torch.

Electrode Holder

 Electrode Holder

Electrode holder - It is also known as a stinger. It is a clamping device used for holding the holder in a secure position. The welding cable attaches the holder through the hollow insulated handle. It has two types - insulated and non-insulated.

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Welding and Heating Blowpipe - The welding blowpipe is used for fine welding and brazing applications. It is used to direct the gas flow into the different working media. It generates and regulates the oxyacetylene flame for welding purposes. It has an ideal wall thickness to provide high strength when performing heavy-duty work. There are two types of blowpipes - high pressure and low pressure.

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Welding Cable - The welding cable is a portable wire used for a variety of welding and power applications. It is available in standard sizes ranging from 6 AWG to 500 MCM. for connecting welding rods and clamps to arc welders, welding boxes, bus bars, or transformers. It is primarily used to power the electrode in the arc welding process, where the metal rod is charged. This electrode charge is used to generate an arc that acts as a heat source between the electrode and the metal to be welded. It should be durable and flexible enough to be moved quickly.

Gas torch - Used for oxy-fuel cutting to heat metal at ambient temperature. This type of gas torch uses acetylene, propane, propylene, and natural gas gases. Torches are heat sources for manual brazing and brazing as well as metal forming and welding.

 Welding Torch

  Welding Torch

Wire Drive Unit - The wire drive unit is used in combination with a geared PMDC motor for MIG welding. It has a series of rollers that push the wire out of the torch. It is used to feed the electrode wire into the welding arc at a constant rate. Its other function is to transfer the welding current from the power source to the electrode wire and to deliver the shield to the weld pool.


Gas cutting and welding accessories help improve performance when used in conjunction with welding equipment, thus providing effective results. In addition, the PPE kits included in these accessories can be a lifesaver for high-risk welders. These hazards include metal fumes, UV radiation, burns, impacts, and cuts that can occur during the welding process. So, stay safe and stay perfect while performing welding tasks by using various gas cutting and welding accessories.

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